TYME-19 Overview



What is TYME-19

TYME-19 is an oral, synthetically produced member of the bile acid family that is being developed for the potential treatment of COVID-19. From the Company’s metabolic understanding of bile acids, it was able to identify TYME-19 as a well characterized candidate and a potential treatment of corona viruses. A patent has been issued for TYME-19 for the treatment of COVID-19.

Bile acids can cellular modulate lipid and glucose metabolism as well as remediate dysregulated protein folding: each that are relevant to viral infection of a host cell. Existing literature has shown that certain bile acids can have antiviral properties in a range of different viruses, including prior corona viruses.

Our initial preclinical in vitro experiments displayed effectiveness against COVID-19 infection and replication, and we will continue to conduct additional preclinical experiments to support the potential utility of TYME-19 in the treatment of COVID-19 and disease variants. With the ever-changing dynamics of this disease area, the Company’s intent with this program is to prepare this agent for clinical testing, while learning from the ongoing work in an effort to identify an optimal clinical setting where TYME-19 could potentially offer clinical benefits and for which there may be a sustainable market.

Given TYME’s focus on oncology, we expect that at the proper time, identifying a potential partner to assist in the ongoing development of this asset may be an opportune strategic pathway.