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Expanding Innovative Pipeline of Cancer Metabolism-Based Therapies (CMBTsTM)

Our lead clinical CMBT compound, SM-88, is an oral investigational modified proprietary tyrosine derivative that is hypothesized to interrupt the metabolic processes of cancer cells by breaking down the cells’ key defenses and leading to cell death through oxidative stress and exposure to the body’s natural immune system. To date, clinical trial data have shown that SM-88 has achieved confirmed tumor responses across 15 different cancers, both solid and liquid tumors, including pancreatic, lung, breast, prostate, sarcoma and lymphoma cancers with minimal drug-related serious Grade 3 or higher adverse events, which we believe is rare for investigational compounds.

TYME is also developing SM-88i, an injectable formulation of SM-88 for the treatment of multiple oncology indications and TYME-18 for the treatment of solid tumors. Additionally, the company is utilizing it’s metabolism-based technology and is developing TYME-19 as a potential therapeutic for coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19.