TYME is dedicated to a better quality of life for patients with advanced cancers

Dedicated to a Better Quality of Life for Patients with Advanced Cancers

Today, many cancers are treated with complex regimens and supportive care that are burdensome to the healthcare system and often difficult for patients to endure. At TYME, we are applying the latest advances in the field of cancer metabolism to develop novel Cancer Metabolism-Based Therapies (CMBTsTM) that target the mechanisms of disease at their source, and thereby create significantly improved outcomes for patients.

Changing the Course of Disease – By Targeting the Source

There are few things that cause patients more fear and uncertainty than a cancer diagnosis. Our mission at TYME is to develop innovative, transformational therapies that create better overall outcomes for patients and reduce the burden on healthcare resources. CMBT compounds, our proprietary class of novel cancer metabolism-based investigational therapies, address the underlying causes of the disease that they treat, and not just the symptoms, potentially through multiple mechanisms of action.

TYME is Changing the Cancer Care

Developing Novel Therapeutic Treatments

TYME continues to develop a strong pipeline of cancer metabolism-based therapies for advanced cancers. We are focusing on metastatic and hard-to-treat cancers for which current therapies are inadequate. We believe that targeting cancer’s metabolism by disrupting protein synthesis and increasing oxidative stress has advantages over existing treatment approaches and may benefit patient’s lives with improved efficacy and safety profile. Building on our growing knowledge of the biology behind cancer metabolism in solid and hematological cancers, we are investing in novel therapeutic approaches and discovering ways to attack the disease source through multiple mechanisms of actions, including inducing amino acid transport, disrupting critical protein synthesis, modulating autophagy and inhibiting key intracellular pathways.

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