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TYME to Conquer Advanced Cancers

TYME is an emerging biotechnology company developing Cancer Metabolism-Based Therapies (CMBTs™) that are intended to be effective across a broad range of solid tumors and hematologic cancers, while also maintaining patients' quality of life through relatively low toxicity profiles. Unlike targeted therapies that attempt to regulate specific pathways within cancer, TYME's therapeutic approach is designed to take advantage of a cancer cell's innate metabolic requirements to cause cancer cell death. Our first-in-class CMBT compounds include SM-88 and TYME-18. These compounds are structurally and mechanistically different, and we believe they offer the potential for better and safer medicines. Early clinical results demonstrated by SM-88 in multiple advanced cancers, including pancreatic, prostate, sarcomas and breast, reinforce the potential of our emerging CMBT pipeline. Moreover, this pipeline offers hope to patients for a new future in long-term management of advanced cancers.

While cancer survival rates have improved steadily since the 1970s, much more progress is needed. This year alone, cancer will strike nearly 1.8 million Americans and an estimated 18.1 million people worldwide. And because close to 610,000 people in the United States, and nearly 9.6 million worldwide are expected to die of cancer this year, TYME and its employees are working relentlessly to discover, develop and deliver innovative disease-altering medicines. Our goal is to transform certain advanced and difficult-to-treat cancers into diseases that are either curable or that can be managed as chronic conditions so that cancer patients can lead longer and better-quality lives.

At TYME, we are excited by what has been accomplished and even more energized about what can be achieved over the next several years. We have quickly evolved our science from the conceptual to its practical application as we advance enrollment of patients in our SM-88 clinical trials. We continue to embark on new opportunities and build a model for sustainable growth by expanding our pipeline and broadening our clinical and regulatory plans. We are focused on the key success factors that validate our business model and lead to sustainable, long-term growth. We know what we do well, what our competitive advantages are, and how to leverage them to capture long-term value. We are very proud of all that we have been able to accomplish in a relatively short period of time - and we are just getting started. We could not have arrived at this point without the accomplished team we have in place and we thank each of them for their unwavering dedication towards advancing potentially life-changing therapies to people who are in need. We also could not have reached this point without the wonderful partnership with our clinical trial sites and the patients who have been participants in our clinical trials.

As TYME grows, we have rigorous and robust discussions about how to build on the character and culture of our company—remaining bold and determined, willing to take smart and appropriate risks and focused on applying our expertise to benefit patients diagnosed with cancer. Every day, TYME employees are thinking about what we can do better, how we can further expand on and improve our unique value proposition. We understand the importance of our work for those in need and we expect fiscal 2021 to be a year filled with progress to that end. We are on a path towards offering a novel approach for how difficult-to-treat cancers are combatted in the future.

TYME is creating a bold new future.

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